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Guy Quigley has enjoyed writing for many mediums, including books, movies and television. He is always working on a new and exciting script for his next project – peruse some of our current offerings.

The Reluctant Santa

Genre: Faith-Based
LOGLINE: While playing Santa Claus, an agnostic alcoholic ex-Marine is taken aback and overcomes his own fears and beliefs when deciding to assist in the rescue of a child from her felonious father. The rescued child makes him face all his demons by complying with everyone’s wishes, and when he does it becomes an un-imaginary heavenly result that astounds everyone.

Soldiers of God

Genre: Dramedy
LOGLINE: Identical twins Megan and Juliet Clark clash when one seduces the other’s fiancé. A split occurs and a child is born. Megan becomes a doctor; Juliet becomes an ER specialist and is wounded in Iraq. The old fiancé is now the attending military doctor who cannot save Juliet. Her spirit must return to lead the fiancé to his child and rectify the damage she has done. The spirit of Juliet has a momentous and sometimes comical task in trying to mend the damage without direct intervention. It all comes to a conclusion on Megan’s wedding day as the ceremony is underway.

Code of Redemption

Genre: Action / Adventure / Thriller

LOGLINE: Die Hard meets 24 in this action thriller. Bent on enacting a double stage terror operation, a hijacked limo becomes a hijacked private jet with Jihadists’ on board. Can a father and two sons survive, or are they the ultimate sacrifice, and will escaping skydivers cooperate or seek their own Code of Redemption?

Get Jude Married

Genre: Adult Romantic Comedy
LOGLINE: At the reading of a father’s will, two money-hungry sisters, a gay black half-brother and his mother with an African American lover all are all after the money by trying to Get Jude Married. But playboy Jude falls for Maria, an eye-catching Latin beauty, a turn of events that can spoil everyone’s plans as she’s not what the O’Reilly will calls for. Does love lose the game or can Maria pull a rabbit out of her hat?

Portrait of Love and Evil

Genre: Horror
LOGLINE: From an old painting, a dark horror comedy of errors and greed unleashes love and evil into the modern world.

For I Have Sinned

Genre: Drama / Psychological Thriller
LOGLINE: A successful singer’s alter ego goes on a killing spree to justify the brutal death of his family.


Genre: Psychological / Horror Thriller
LOGLINE: Unsuspecting guests take a terrifying elevator ride from the third floor of a mansion in the company of what they believe is the Devil and descend underground to floor one hundred. Is this hell or a dangerous international cult game, where the hunt is the name of the game, and is THE DARK SIDE FALSE OR DOES IT REALLY EXIST?

The Honor Killing

Genre: Suspense / Action Adventure
LOGLINE: A young woman, half Christian, half Muslim, is forced to witness the beheading of her gay brother. She takes brutal and bloody revenge on family members, landing her in a web of terrorist activities.

The Flight of Souls

Genre: Action / Adventure
LOGLINE: An airliner bound for Tokyo with 184 souls on board disappears from radar without a trace. Did this aircraft crash or perhaps was hijacked, and if so by whom and for what purpose? Whatever scenario occurred seals the fate of those on board.