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Financing is an important (and often dreaded) aspect of filmmaking. Without money, films can’t exist and it is usually the topic with the least amount of information available. We have a spate of several great scripts in need of funding, so if you’re considering funding a movie or producing a film, please contact us directly for confidential information as to how you can become involved.
It only takes one good film well written and filmed to produce a traditional high yield that can beat out investing in a volatile stock market. Nobody wants to invest in an opportunity when a favorable return is unlikely and are only getting involved as they can afford the tax loss. However, consideration should be given to the talent, timeline, creative, and perhaps multiple financiers needed to feel comfortable with the structures and scheduling.

Our intention is to SELF DISTRIBUTE the films we create, through limited theater release, VOD / SVOD / DVD in North America, and working with reputable international distributors. We are choosing this path as returns from previous productions through some distributors have been less than transparent.

For further information and inquiries, contact: