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The Thundering Smoke Book 3: The End Of The Line

The Thundering Smoke Book 3: The End Of The Line

In the gripping conclusion to the trilogy “The Thundering Smoke,” Book 3 “The End Of The Line,” the saga reaches its climactic resolution as the forces of revenge, betrayal, and redemption collide in the heart of Africa. John Siddley, fueled by a deep-seated desire for vengeance against his father, aligns himself with Tom’s nemesis, Bradly, in a sinister plot to dismantle Tom’s world once and for all. With treachery and deceit as their weapons, John and Bradly set out to befriend Heidi, Tom’s adopted daughter, and manipulate her trust to further their nefarious agenda. Meanwhile, Tom’s life hangs in the balance as he faces the brutal attack of a lion and watches helplessly as his home is consumed by flames, orchestrated by his enemies.

As Tom begins to unravel the mysteries and tragedies of his past, he discovers the true extent of the betrayal surrounding him. Along the way, he suffers the devastating loss of his closest allies, Timothy Bryn and Simalala, in a manner that epitomizes the raw and unforgiving essence of Africa itself. With Heidi and John on the run for their lives, pursued by Bradly who serves as their relentless executioner, the stage is set for a dramatic showdown. As the tension mounts and the stakes reach their peak, the thunderous roar of Mosi-oa-Tunya, The Smoke That Thunders, looms as the ultimate arbiter of fate.

In a finale fraught with love, lust, anger, and revenge, Tom Sutton must confront his demons and find the strength to overcome the forces arrayed against him. As the characters hurtle towards their destiny, the breathtaking backdrop of the African wilderness serves as a fitting canvas for the epic conclusion to this gripping epic story of resilience and redemption. Ultimately, it is amidst the thundering waters of Victoria Falls that the fates of all involved will be decided, in a climax that will leave readers breathless until the very last page.

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