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The Little People

The Little People

Sandy Piggot, a ten-year-old American girl, leaves her New York home for a family vacation in Ireland. Being chased by what her Irish cousin Kevin calls a witch and the threat of a convict on the loose they run for their lives. By some supernatural and magical circumstances they find themselves in the Land of the Little People, a Kingdom that is under siege from ferocious attacking rats. Despite the attempts of the Leprechauns to defend themselves, they are overwhelmed by the danger. The comical King Shamus of The Ring of Kerry has a disastrous situation in his village kingdom having lost the spell for controlling the size of the rodents..

The children embark on a strange and exciting adventure into the world they have never seen before. King Shamus is able to make time stand still and shrink the children to fit into his world of the Little People. This is much to the delight of the frightened Sean Flynn, who acts as the King’s footstool and general lackey.

Sandy, with the help of Dermot O’ Neill, the King’s right hand man is introduced to the mythical being, the Banshee who agrees to help them. The Banshee offers them the use of “Star of the Night” a magical flying horse and they set out into the real world to bring help from Kevin’s bedroom in the form of children’s battery operated toys. It is a perilous journey back into their world as they have to contend with everything from adults to dogs and frogs. Their Grandfather, the only household believer and a teller of Leprechaun stories, is brought into the picture to help execute their plan. Utilizing the toys – two Harrier jets, a truck, two tanks, soldiers, two nurses, a Jeep and a Police car – they wage war on the rats to win the battle. Along the way they face several challenges, and with the help of King Shamus and his men they solve the riddle of the so-called witch and also get the credit for the capture of the escaped convict.

In the final scene, the viewer will decide between reality, folklore and dreams as the truth of their adventure finally draws to a conclusion. (Available as a novel with pictures OR a movie script)

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