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Unsuspecting guests at a luxury mansion unwittingly take an elevator ride to hell in the company of the Devil. Three of the people disappear into thin air, the fourth ends up naked and mutilated in a forest. The brother of the fourth victim is a cop, Jeremy Denton. Jeremy and his partner, Susan Bloom, investigate the death. The trail leads them to a hunting lodge occupied by a terrified hermit who has lived there for over ten years. The hermit believes he is a servant of the Devil and has to stay in the forest. Trying to get out of the woods, Jeremy and Susan are fired on by woodsmen with crossbows. They are servants of the forest owner, Bertram Masterson. Bertram and his colleague Sheik Abdullah invite Jeremy and Susan to the mansion to seek help. Susan meets a deaf and dumb maid who tries to warn her, but she rides the elevator alone and sees the Devil in the mirror. Nobody believes her, including Jeremy. Bertram and Abdullah want Susan back for their own foul reasons and invite them to a Halloween party. Jeremy and Susan arrange back-up, who gain unintentional access to the party.

Jeremy wins the confidence of the hermit and gets secret access to the mansion. Susan and three other cops, all in fancy dress, ride the elevator to the Halloween party and end up in what they think is hell. The women find themselves in underground caves on the auction block, and as entertainment for a secret society; the men are forced to fight for their lives. Jeremy gains access to the underground world by forcing Wilbur, the sadistic butler, to show the way. Jeremy arrives to find the women have been sold and the deadly entertainment has started. Harry, one of the cops, has his hand chopped off and his legs slashed and is forced to run from the so-called Devil’s Rottweilers. Karen, another cop, is forced to support Harry in his death run. Susan and cop Doris are shackled to posts waiting to be transported into slavery. Jeremy – realizing it is a bogus Devil secret society – battles his way through cloaked figures carrying scythes, gladiators and other elements in a bid to rescue his crew.

But the real Devil is watching and is not happy with his worshipers. He puts in a fiery appearance bent on destruction. He takes his revenge on Karen, flinging her up onto the roof of the lodge, impaling her on a weather vane. Feathery blooms from Michael the Archangel seem to keep Jeremy and Susan safe and turn the table on the Devil’s worshipers. In spite of Jeremy and Susan’s efforts, the deaths and torture that happened, the Devil assists his top disciple to retreat and perhaps return another day. (SEQUEL)

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