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So here goes with my new book hot off the press. The Rebel Son, is a fast moving and sometimes violent adventure love story set during the Rhodesian (now Zimbabwe) liberation war. The story moves from the good life of the Bahamas and Manhattan to the African bush. The hunting trip of wealthy young Philadelphian Jake Fallon, an ex-Vietnam veteran, explodes when terrorists shoot down a commercial airliner and his friend is brutally butchered. Saved by and falling for a beautiful African girl, Jake Fallon gets embroiled in the vile liberation war, losing the man he once was – a man who cared little for anyone but himself – and becomes the friend, husband and the father he was meant to be.

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Since the African section of my novel, The Rebel Son, takes place in the countries of Zambia and what was Rhodesia, and particularly centered on the massive man-made Lake Kariba, I thought it appropriate to show a picture of the Victoria Falls. The magnificent Victoria Falls is one of the spectacular boundaries dividing the two countries and the source of Lake Kariba.



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